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  Lot No. Description Result Highest Bid
401 Three contemporary glass decanters. Together with jade leaves, china jug, and covered jar. SOLD $35
402 A brass adjustable bookstand. W 18 cm. SOLD $40
403 A collection of costume necklaces. SOLD $120
404 A set of Fontanini Depose holy musical figurines. H 15 cm. SOLD $20
405 Two Chinese marble balls. Together with brass card glass coasters. SOLD $20
406 Three glass decanters. Together with a brandy jug and sugar caster. Two decanters A/F. SOLD $30
407 A set of bone handled knives and forks. In case. SOLD $50
407 a A pair of small plated candlesticks. H 14 cm. SOLD $25
408 An assortment of goods. Including plated salt and pepper, wine pourers, salt spoons, and glass salts. SOLD $50
409 A German lace girl musician. Some damage to the lace and group of girls. SOLD $30
410 A Pacific Island wooden canoe. Supported on and tortoise and crocodile face and inlaid with mother of pearl. 15 x 55 cm. SOLD $10
411 Two Continental bisque oval plaques. Ornately decorated with figures and cherubs. H 27, W 21 cm. SOLD $30
412 An English musical hunting jug. H 16 cm. Together with a glazed parrot. H 24 cm. SOLD $80
413 A framed small print, titled ''Dash for Cash''. 30 x 20 cm. SOLD $3
414 A Japanese cast iron tea pot. Together with a Japanese figure of a chef. H 35 cm. SOLD $45
415 A Scandinavian ruby glass wine jug. H 26 cm. SOLD $45
416 A plated and glass claret jug. H 30 cm. SOLD $50
417 A rhinoceros beetle in a case. Together with a framed butterfly coloured print. SOLD $10
418 A black boy money box. Together with a contemporary black boy money box. SOLD $160
419 An exquisite Indian miniature, ''Empress Mumtaz Mahal''. With notes and text verso. 25 x 15.5 cm. SOLD $80
420 Two English plated circular salvers. Diam. 24 cm & 23 cm. SOLD $40
421 *A green Art Deco glass dressing table set. SOLD $100
422 A three-piece plated engraved tea and coffee service. SOLD $80
423 Clocks, magnifying glass, leather book cover, plated claret jug etc. Together with a box of coins and tokens. SOLD $70
424 A colour map of the Noto peninsula in Japan. Printed 1950's on vellum paper. 33 x 25 cm. PASSED IN $5
425 A solid brass barometer. And a clock with nautical theme. SOLD $90
426 A group of ladies toilet objects. Including silver mirror and bakelite. SOLD $20
427 A circular plated desk bell. SOLD $60
428 A Cavalry sword in a sheath. SOLD $170
429 Four glass decanters. SOLD $10
430 A collection of jewellery. SOLD $160
431 An American black boy money box. H 22 cm. SOLD $100
432 A group of four replica handbags. Including YSL, Prada, LV and Channel. SOLD $30
433 A collection of six Wedgwood jasper plates. SOLD $140
434 A large collection of cabinet figurines. Including Royal Doulton and Royal Copenhagen and others. SOLD $180
435 A pair of beer glasses with stamped silver sleeves. H 12.5 cm. SOLD $30
436 An exquisite ''Winnie-the-Pooh & and Piglet'' print. After an original storyboard drawing by Walt Disney Studio Art, in a wooden frame. 22.5 x 27.5 cm (with frame). SOLD $90
437 *A German brass and glass dome top mantel clock. 23 x 23 x 15 cm. SOLD $50
438 A plated and glass claret jug. SOLD $70
439 Joan-Josep Tharrats (Spanish), ''Composition''. A rare collage signed and dated '54. Artist's framed and glazed. 31 x 37.5 cm. PASSED IN $140
440 A pair of Georg Jensen photo frames. 17.5 x 12.5 cm. SOLD $50
441 Three Oriental china vases. SOLD $70
442 A Swarovski crystal figure. ''Inspiration DÁfrique - The Lion''. L 12 cm. SOLD $120
443 A collection of Mercedes wine stoppers. Together with four Mercedes golf shot glasses. SOLD $200
444 A Swarovski crystal figure. ''Reclining Deer''. In the original box. H 9 cm. SOLD $100
445 Three glass decanters. SOLD $40
446 Two framed signed etchings. SOLD $5

Six Carl Teichert Meissen dinner plates. circa 1900.

SOLD $150
448 An antique German doll. SOLD $20
449 Four circular glass plaques. In a black felt frame. SOLD $20
450 A collection of wrist watches. Together with razors, spectacles, and leather bound travelling case. SOLD $100
451 A pair of ''Bradford Exchange'' decorative plates. SOLD $2
452 A Cole Haan ladies handbag. SOLD $30
453 A collection of Cartlonware china. SOLD $40
453 a A collection of costume jewellery. Together with a tortoise shell style mirror and three glasses. SOLD $90
454 A plated ice bucket. Together with a water jug. SOLD $40
454 a A collection of Wedgwood jasper eggs and stance. SOLD $70
455 A collection of Bristol blue glass bottles. SOLD $70
456 A large collection of 23 Wedgwood blue jasper cabinet plates. SOLD $170
457 A Royal Doulton figure of a shepherd and Adrienne. SOLD $50
458 A set of three Swarovski crystal figures ''Christmas''. In the original boxes. H 6 cm. SOLD $240
459 An English Moore china floral encrusted oval bowl. H 16, L 25 cm. SOLD $100
460 An Italian green handbag. Together with a sued coin purse, with C&C clutch. SOLD $150
461 A pair of Italian style cornucopias. Together with other glass baskets. Six in total. SOLD $170
462 A French Art Deco wrought iron rectangular mirror. Having foliate decoration. 21 x 51 cm. SOLD $140
463 A pair of decorated copper First World War shells. H 35 cm. SOLD $150
464 Three floral china table aids. Together with a Worcester decorated plaque. SOLD $70
465 A collection of eight Wedgwood blue Jasper plates. SOLD $110
466 A set of three Swarovski oval brass bound caskets. SOLD $5
467 A plated spirit kettle on stand. Together with a tea pot, two blue glass bowls and plated sugar scuttle and scoop. SOLD $140
468 A set of five Guy Boyd ramekins. Signed. One with a slight chip. SOLD $5
469 An antique iron and glass four panel carriage lamp. L 34 cm. SOLD $40
470 A group of three replica handbag. Including Chanel and Gucci. SOLD $100
471 A four piece plated tea service. Together with a three piece plated condiment set and six plated dinner plate coasters. SOLD $110
472 A French bronze ormolu cartel clock by AD Mougin. Pendulum in the office. SOLD $450
473 A Victorian brass based kerosene table lamp. Alabaster column with brass embossed reservoir and etched shade. SOLD $160
474 A Victorian clear glass kerosene lamp. On brass corinthian column, pink glass reservoir, and etched ruby glass shade. H 78 cm. SOLD $320
475 A Victorian kerosene table lamp. On brass corithian column, pink glass reservoir, and etched ruby glass shade. H 78 cm. SOLD $575
476 An Amethyst geode. L 36 cm. SOLD $240
477 A collection of wooden ornaments. Including a scene, miniature wooden spice cabinet, an hour glass and two figures in uniform. SOLD $40
478 A pestle and mortar. Together with a floral china water jug and bathing pottery figure by Jude Maisch. SOLD $90
479 Two circular plated salvers. Together with teapots, coffee pot, a pair of salts and a toast rack. SOLD $120
480 A Wiltshire stainless steel cutlery canteen. SOLD $35
481 A Royal Doulton glass photo frame. 19 x 12 cm. SOLD $70
482 A digital camera LUMIX DCM-FZ5 with accessories. SOLD $30
483 A group of twelve Stuart crystal glasses. SOLD $140
484 A collection of crystal. Including a Stuart bowl, glasses, flutes, and champagnes. SOLD $110
485 A pair of Indian and glass hexagonal carriage lamps. With brackets. H 46 cm. SOLD $60
486 An assortment of Cornish blue and white kitchen chinaware. SOLD $400
487 A rare and antique print by William Hogarth, ''The Distressed Poet''. Engraved by T. Cook. 36 x 38.5 cm. SOLD $30
488 A ruby glass lustre. Electrified, no shade. H 36 cm. SOLD $10
489 A framed ceramic plate Klylie Pate ''Angus''. Diam. 19.5 cm. SOLD $220
490 A collection of crystal. Including a Stuart decanter, six vases, a small jug, a bowl, and assorted glasses. SOLD $60
491 An Edwardian 9ct gold red stone lariat pendant. SOLD $110
492 A pair of antique 14ct gold and garnet drop earrings. SOLD $225
493 A Mid-Century Italian sterling silver bracelet. SOLD $260
494 A collection of vintage wrist watches. Including Tissot, Kienzle and others. SOLD $160
495 A Bulova diamonds and stainless steel/ gold plated ladies wrist watch. SOLD $140
496 A Seiko divers automatic men wrist watch. SOLD $100
497 Two circular plated bowls. With motifs. SOLD $40
498 A vintage amber necklace. SOLD $45
499 A Bulova diamonds and stainless steel ladies wrist watch. SOLD $110
500 A medal in a case. SOLD $10
501 A collection of 15 coins. Including Chinese, American, and Japanese. SOLD $20
502 A Waterman Expert fountain pen in box. SOLD $180
503 A Sheaffer gold plated ballpoint pen and pencil set in box. SOLD $40
504 A large baltic amber necklace. SOLD $200
505 A Parker 25 ballpoint pen and pencil set in box. SOLD $40
506 A vintage cultured pearl and sterling silver necklace. SOLD $40
507 Three silver Pandora beads. Together with a leather Pandora lariat and bracelet with silver clasps. SOLD $25
508 Two Waterman Expert fountain pens in box. SOLD $240
509 An antique bronze compass. SOLD $110
510 A Waterford nocturne crystal vase. SOLD $50
511 An Australian Huntley by Cooper & Cooke 1930's Goanna vase. SOLD $70
512 A crystal and English sterling silver mounted small ships decanter. SOLD $50
513 A Mid-Century Cath Whyllie Tasmania ceramic bowl. SOLD $25
514 Two decanters, one being Orrefors. A well as an inkwell bottle. SOLD $50
515 A Swarovski crystal figure. ''The Magic old Crystal''. In the original box. H 22 cm. SOLD $40
516 A Swarovski crystal figure. ''Magic of Dance Anna 2004''. In the original box. H 18 cm. SOLD $90
517 A Swarovski crystal figure. ''Inspiration D'Afrique The Deer''. SOLD $80
518 A set of sterling silver tea spoons and sifter. In case. SOLD $170
519 A pearl necklace from Mallorca. In original case and with certificate. SOLD $210
520 A Swarovski crystal figure. ''Masquerade Columbine''. In the original box. H 17 cm. SOLD $180
521 An impressive ''Oyster Perpetual'' Rolex replica. In a green presentation box. With paperwork (imitation). SOLD $360
522 An Edwardian 9ct gold amethyst and seed pearl lariat pendant. SOLD $150
523 A pair of sterling silver salt spoons. SOLD $45
524 A Tissot men stainless steel chronograph wrist watch. SOLD $340
525 A singed Japanese fruitwood Netsuke man carrying monkey. SOLD $80
526 A cultured pearls opera length necklace. SOLD $50
527 A singed Japanese fruitwood Netsuke deity hand. SOLD $120
528 Two antique mother of pearl card cases. SOLD $150
529 A golden ring with initials. Together with a gold miner shovel brooch. SOLD $1400
530 Three gold studs in case. SOLD $60
531 Two cultured pearl opera length necklaces. PASSED IN $40
532 An Edwardian 9ct gold amethyst lariat pendant. SOLD $190
533 A Chinese carved puzzle ball. SOLD $110
534 A blue ciel guilloche fob watch case. Together with a sterling silver pendant framing a blue butterfly wing. SOLD $150
535 A Mid-Century amber and sterling silver pendant. SOLD $65
536 A Swarovski crystal figure. ''Masquerade Harlequin''. In original box. H 13 cm. SOLD $150
537 A Mid-Century Italian sterling silver bracelet. SOLD $210
538 Three antique crystal and English sterling silver miniature jars. SOLD $110
539 A pair of English sterling silver cufflinks. SOLD $45
540 An Edwardian 9ct gold amethyst lariat pendant. SOLD $180
541 An Edwardian 9ct gold two amethyst lariat pendant. SOLD $140
541 a An extensive collection of small Wedgwood coloured jasper small circular bowls. SOLD $350
542 Two Swiss Army his and hers black/ stainless steel wrist watches. In one box. SOLD $140
543 A pair of French Lalique glass champagne flutes. Decorated with winged angels. H 20 cm. SOLD $260
544 A French Lalique leaf decorated circular bowl. Diam. 23 cm. SOLD $400
544 a A Swarovski crystal figure. ''Magic of Dance - Anna 2004''. In the original box. H 18 cm. SOLD $160
545 A Sidney Nolan lithograph signed. Ned Kelly series. No 51. The Wedding. 50 x 60 cm. SOLD $600
546 An Alfred Coleman oil painting. Country Farm house. 30 x 38 cm. SOLD $340
547 A Sidney Nolan lithograph. Signed. Ned Kelly series. No 50. 50 x 64 cm. SOLD $600

A framed coloured print after Ethel Spowers. 22 x 18 cm.

SOLD $275

A framed coloured print after Margaret Preston. 18 x 18 cm.

SOLD $250
550 ''Across Glenmaggie''. A signed large watercolour dated '84. Framed and glazed. 74 x 100 cm (approx). SOLD $525
551 A gilt framed oil on board. Gentleman portrait. 30 x 24 cm. SOLD $340
552 A Neville Connor oil landscape. 38 x 69 cm. SOLD $30
552 a A Kim Kennedy (Australian, XX-XXI), 'Horse running'. A signed and dated oil on canvas. 49x69 cm (with frame). PASSED IN $10
553 Three M Olston watercolour florals. Of various sizes. SOLD $50
554 An Alaster Grey Wayer colour landscape. SOLD $120
555 A gilt framed oil Dutch painting. Signed lower left. 45 x 56 cm. SOLD $225
556 After Charles Blackman ''Alice in Wonderland'' (1956-57). A Fine Art printer's print. Framed and glazed. 54 x 46.5 cm (with frame). SOLD $225
557 A Lorraine Barns oil painting. Holiday by the Bay. 74 x 60 cm. SOLD $150
558 A Lance Vaiben Soloman, Australian school 1913-89. Farm oil study, Langford NSW, dated 1948. 50 x 44 cm. Well noted for his landscapes and pastures, he also won the prestigious Wynne art prize twice. Recent sale by Christies and Lawsons were $16,000 and $ SOLD $450
559 A Willes 'The handy country store'. A signed oil painting. 36 x 44 cm. SOLD $40
560 A collection of coloured engravings. Together with etching and prints of various sizes. SOLD $90
561 A Dermont Hellier oil. Still life floral. 48 x 44 cm. SOLD $150
562 A John Gardner oil. Country farm scene. 47 x 60 cm. Note: small paint peeling and cracking. SOLD $50
563 A collection of portrait prints. Together with pastel drawings and two photographs. Various sizes. SOLD $10
564 An E P Wiseman oil floral still life. SOLD $10
565 A gilt framed oil gentleman portrait. 72 x 62 cm. SOLD $460
566 After Margaret Preston ''Anemones'' (1925). A fine art printer's print. Framed and glazed. 54 x 54 cm (with frame). SOLD $250
567 A Joy Roggenkamp (Australia, 1928-99), ''Honey eater and golden banskia''. A large watercolour. Framed and glazed. 58 x 76 cm. SOLD $80
568 A Hilary Jackman charcoal. Girl Nude. 62 x 47 cm. SOLD $90
569 Jean Appleton (1911-2003), ''Braidwood landscape''. Oil on board with remains of signature. Attributed verso. 50 x 53 cm. PASSED IN $200
570 A 20th Century Australian school, ''Nepean river''. An oil on masonite signed 'K. Sladek' verso. 46 x 60 cm. SOLD $50
571 After Kenneth Jack ''Cooktown, NQ''. 49 x 74 cm. SOLD $40
572 An Australian landscape. Oil on board signed 'W. Hartel'. 43 x 50 cm. SOLD $80
573 A pair of paintings by D J Dickins, 'Abstract composition'. Signed and dated '69. 44 x 31.5 cm. SOLD $10
574 Three medieval framed prints. SOLD $20
575 A Dora McCrae oil floral still life. 110 x 94 cm. SOLD $300
576 After Brett Whiteley ''Woman in bath'' (1963-64). A fine art printer's print. Framed and glazed. 80 x 96.5 cm (with frame). SOLD $225
577 After Jeffery Smart ''The Surfers, Bondi'' (1963). A fine art printer's print. Framed and glazed. 96.5 x 80.5 cm (with frame). SOLD $225
578 After John Olsen ''Five Bells'' (1963). A fine art printer's print. Framed and glazed. 80.5 x 80.5 cm (with frame). SOLD $250
579 A framed Tom Roberts seaside print. 65 x 88 cm. Together with an oil painting after Klimt ''The Kiss''. 94 x 73 cm. SOLD $70
580 After Brett Whiteley ''The lyrebird'' (1972-73). A fine art printer's print. Framed and glazed. 96.5 x 80.5 cm (with frame). SOLD $275
581 After Jeffery Smart ''Bus Terminus'' (1973). A fine art printer's print. Framed and glazed. 96.5 x 80.5 cm (with frame). SOLD $250
582 An Alvaro Castagnet ''Melbourne''. Asigned and dated '84 watercolour. Framed and glazed. 38 x 50 cm. SOLD $220
583 A Gregory Alexander watercolour ''Masai Warrior''. Singed ''Brighton Horizon Art Gallery'' label verso. 156 x 67 cm (with frame). SOLD $60
584 After Brett Whitely, ''Green Mountain Fiji'' (c 1969). A fine art printer's print. Framed and glazed. 88.5 x 80.5 cm (with frame). SOLD $250
585 W Williams oil painting. Country House scene. 29 x 37 cm. SOLD $140
586 A large painting by Wolf Tasker ''Vernissage''. Signed and dated 2002 oil on canvas. 139 x 350 cm. SOLD $400
587 R Carter Green 1983 watercolour. Fishing vessels at the Harbour. 46 x 66 cm. SOLD $100
588 An E P Wiseman oil painting of Ibis. 77 x 130 cm. SOLD $20
589 A contemporary painting ''Colour squares''. 122 x 91 cm. SOLD $10
590 A large collection of contemporary acrylic paintings and prints. SOLD $40
591 A very large collection of costume jewellery. In plastic jewellery boxes. SOLD $610
592 A collection of sundries. Including Corningware casserole dish and a wooden serving tower. SOLD $10
593 A collection of ''Omara'' decorative animals. And others. SOLD $130
594 A group of 24 small hurricane lamps. Brand new. SOLD $5
595 A tall cylindrical glass vase. H 32 cm. Together with a pottery dog, car, bowl, biscuit barrel, two Portuguese jugs etc. SOLD $30
596 Three metal easels. As well as a circular lazy suzy, tile and wooden board. SOLD $20
597 A Schweppes crate. Together with an early Kooka tray, three Minton tiles, and others. SOLD $10
598 A large group of cast iron objects. Including hangers, bottle openers, bookends, signs, and others. SOLD $70
599 A large group of brand new hand soaps. Together with diffusers, bath salts, and others. In four boxes. SOLD $5
600 A collection of silverware. SOLD $15
601 Twenty four fine red wine glasses in box. SOLD $30
602 A large collection of costume jewellery. In jewellery boxes. Including a Ronson's lighter, and Michelle Rene necklaces. SOLD $350
603 *A boxed lot of china and glassware. SOLD $5
604 A group of collectables. Including badges and golf awards. SOLD $10
605 A TDK CD player and speakers. SOLD $11
606 A collection of crystalware. SOLD $10
607 A collection of assorted chinaware. SOLD $1
608 *A large collection of plated cutlery. SOLD $40
609 A collection of china sundries. Including a Chinese cloisonne trinket box. SOLD $30
610 A collection of CDss and some vintage books. SOLD $30
611 A collection of art books. Together with four modern abstract oil paintings. SOLD $25
612 A collection of retro china teapots. As well as coffee pots, jugs and trios. SOLD $10
613 A collection of Australian pottery. SOLD $10
614 A large collection of English china trios. Together with a Meakin coffee service. SOLD $40
615 A collection of Australian pottery. SOLD $10
616 A part china dinner service. Including cups, saucers, jug. SOLD $20
617 A collection of Art Deco coloured glass bowls. SOLD $20
618 A collection of Art Deco depression glass. SOLD $20
619 A collection of English ceramics. Including a Midwinter part dinner set. SOLD $2
620 A collection of Art Deco depression vases. As well as coloured glass. SOLD $15
621 A group of sundries. Including costume jewellery, china and others. SOLD $25
622 A collection of coloured prints. SOLD $10
623 A collection of crystal glasses. SOLD $10
624 A large collection of Finish and cut glass. Together with a sugar pot and placemats. SOLD $80
625 A collection of chinaware. including Doulton coffee cups and saucers, and a Spode coffee pot. SOLD $70
626 Three two tier cake stands. SOLD $10
627 Two fur stoles. SOLD $30
628 A collection of Italian decorative painted chinaware. SOLD $2
629 *A box of antique wood moulding planes. SOLD $155
630 A large collection of kitchenware. SOLD $15
631 A group of three vintage ceiling lights. Together with the two glass shades. SOLD $40
632 A group of twelve plain canvases. Various sizes. SOLD $65
633 A large collection of sundries in boxes. Including glass shades, handles etc. SOLD $180
634 A collection of brass based electrified kerosene table lamps. SOLD $100
635 A group of eleven Chinese porcelain pieces. SOLD $150
636 A collection of jewellery. SOLD $135
637 A collection of china and others. Including Augustus Rex, Royal Worcester, Edelstein, a petit point painting, and a clock. SOLD $130
638 Three sets of book ends. SOLD $70
639 A group of mugs and salt shakers. Together with ceramic hangers. SOLD $90
640 A pair of ''E Thomas & Williams'' replica miners lamps. H 26 cm (largest). $80
641 A collection of cast iron decorative objects. Including a pig, a bulldog, and Donald Duck. SOLD $30
642 A collection of assorted chinaware. Including tea cups and saucers, coffee cups and saucers, and a jug. SOLD $70
643 Three Edwardian plaster wall plaques. Of various sizes. SOLD $30
644 A group of four cast iron plaques. Comprising ''Esso'', ''Land Rover'', and ''Texaco''. SOLD $60
645 A large door knocker with a satyr head. L 34 cm. SOLD $50
646 Various Italian glassware. Including one decanter and a Murano glass tray. SOLD $110
646 a A Noritake tea setting for twelve. SOLD $15
647 A set of four Christmas carol cabinet plates. Together with six Grand Opera plates. SOLD $50
648 Four Bocce balls. PASSED IN $0
649 A collection of decorative plates. Including ''Royal Baby 2023''. SOLD $25
650 A set of eight Shakespearian cabinet plates. Together with three Greek themed plates. SOLD $40
651 A cast iron figure of Betty Boop with tray. H 31 cm. Together with a Coca Cola sign, a Betty Boop plaque drinking Coke. SOLD $130
652 A collection of pewter vessels. SOLD $60
653 A Mr Gecko cast iron stand. Together with an anvil, hangers, and rusty signs. SOLD $30
654 A portable typewriter. Together with a TV and a national radio. SOLD $20
655 A large group of vintage locks. As well as door knobs and other related items. SOLD $35
656 Two boot scrapers in shape of dogs. L 53 cm (largest). SOLD $160