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A Villeroy and Boch dinner set. Original Geranium pattern. Consisting of seven dinner plates, five entree plates, six bread and butter plates, seven saucers, five cups, eight dessert bowls, one teapot, one large jug, one small jug, one sugar bowl (no lid), eight soup tureens and saucers, one large flat platter, one large dipped platter, one salad bowl, two medium vegetable tureens, one gravy bowland one oblong platter. Also containg a large oval and a medium oval ovenware dish, a large rectangular ovenware dish, a small quiche dish and a medium round dish.

SOLD $300
401 A part paragon china tea set. Together with six china coffee cups and saucers. SOLD $140
402 Two knives together with two brass scales. SOLD $120
403 An English china salad bowl and servers. SOLD $80
404 A Dutch china pipe, soapstone group, Winton toast rack and a copperware bowl. SOLD $35
405 A collection of blue Wedgwood. Including medallions, dishes, frames and signs. SOLD $200
406 A pair of plated fish servers. SOLD $25
407 An African ceramic face on stand. SOLD $60
408 A variety of Continental china cabinet figures. SOLD $60
409 An oval brass and plated engraved tray. L 56, W 37 cm. SOLD $30
410 Two pieces of Wedgwood black basalt. Including a flare vase and jug. SOLD $275
411 A Majolica china comport. H 33 cm. SOLD $65
412 A pair of French Sevres style moderator kerosene table lamp. SOLD $600
413 A pair of French frosted glass vases. SOLD $40
414 Two pairs of German bisque figures. SOLD $15
415 A green jade rectangular abacus. SOLD $110
416 A green jade horse with a saddle. H 13 cm. SOLD $140
417 A Satsuma decorated charger. A/F. SOLD $85
418 A Bridge case and an Oriental rectangular box. Together with a circular tray. SOLD $110
419 A set of Beatrix Potter stories. SOLD $60
420 A Singer child's sewing machine. In the original box. SOLD $260
421 A Lambeth Doulton jug, an English Beswick vase and a lion. SOLD $70
422 Two miniature cannons and an Oriental bell on a stand. SOLD $140
423 A collection of items. Including a crystal tray, bowl, jug and glasses. SOLD $70
424 A picturesque Atlas of Australia by Andrew Garran 1886, three volumes. PASSED IN $300
425 A volume of the 'Twelve Hundred Miles on the River Murray', by A S Murray, with fifteen coloured illustrations. SOLD $50
426 An Edwardian twin bottle inkstand. L 36, W 13 cm. SOLD $220
427 Three Danish Hans Christian Anderson plates. Together with a Versace plate, ginger jar and cover. SOLD $10
428 Three silver and brass topped walking sticks. SOLD $180
429 A collection of miniature jade animals and stools. SOLD $80
430 A collection of pewter tankards. SOLD $200
431 A cut crystal salt jar. Together with two scent bottles and English blue jasper ware. SOLD $40
432 Four Japanese Imari shaped bowls. Various sizes. SOLD $200
433 Three Wedgwood blue jasper items. Consisting of two vases and candlesticks. SOLD $140
434 Two Japanese tall Imari vases. H 33 cm and H 26 cm. SOLD $475
435 A green jade bowl with Pho dog lid. H 15 cm. SOLD $100
436 A Continental porcelain rectangular jewel casket. The top having two lovers in central panel and ornate gilding. H 11, L 27, W 17 cm. SOLD $160
437 Two Oriental bronze covered urns. Decorated with Pho dog lids. H 33 and H 28 cm. SOLD $210
438 A circular Japanese Imari bowl. Dia 31 cm. Together with an Imari octagonal charger. L 24 cm. SOLD $290
439 A three hundred day clock. Under a dome. SOLD $90
440 Two Japanese Imari chargers. Dia 33 cm and Dia 29 cm. SOLD $420
441 An English china ewer. HMS Sydney and New Zealand. Together with a Royal Doulton bowl. SOLD $150
442 Two Wedgwood covered bowls. SOLD $40
443 A pair of framed medallions 'Autumn' and 'Summer'. SOLD $70
444 A pair of brass candle holders, with a piano scene. SOLD $160
445 A brown case with fifty pieces of costume jewellery. SOLD $60
446 A composition group of two figures with dragon walking stick. Also four other bone and ivory pieces. SOLD $200
447 A genuine ostrich skin handbag. SOLD $140
448 A Wedgwood blue jasperware. Together with a plaque, bowl and cover. SOLD $10
449 A brass cat doorstop, mirror and a figure on horseback. SOLD $70
450 A miniature sewing machine and coffee grinder. SOLD $150
451 A pair of WWII pilots glasses and gloves. SOLD $150
452 A pair of Victorian old boxing gloves. SOLD $80
453 A cast iron dog listening to a gramophone. L 23 cm. SOLD $105
454 An antique wooden stamped plane for carpentry. SOLD $120
455 Five carved ivory covered small boxes and card case. SOLD $400
456 A blue china small bowl. D 10 cm. SOLD $210
457 A jade cylinder ring in a carved box. SOLD $330
458 A jade cricket figure. SOLD $70
459 Three small Japanese Imari bowls. Together with five small Imari vases. SOLD $140
460 An Australian rectangular panel. Hand painted with kookaburras. Titled The Australian II. H 40, L 20 cm. SOLD $200
461 A pair of Irish Waterford crucifixes. SOLD $100
462 A fine Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern oval tray. L 40, W 28 cm. SOLD $300
463 Two Murano ruby glass vases and a comport. SOLD $320
464 A wall clock with mahogany inlaid. SOLD $240
465 A tall Japanese Imari vase and cover. Together with a Chinese floral bowl and vase. SOLD $120
466 A collection of ivory and bone and composition figures. Also an ivory panel of a lady on stand. SOLD $350
467 Two jade ornaments. SOLD $180
468 A Royal Crown Derby rectangular mirror. L 34, W 78 cm. SOLD $350
469 A collection of ivory and bone items. Including figures and birds. SOLD $110
470 Two small painting dishes in a box. SOLD $100
471 A bamboo brush pot. H 16, D12 cm SOLD $220
472 A pair of Wedgwood cornucopia vases. SOLD $30
473 A silver spoon, fob watch and other items. SOLD $190
474 A bone and amber necklace. SOLD $40
475 A pair of Royal Crown Derby fish servers together with a small trowel and butter knife. SOLD $50
476 A Royal Crown Derby oval Imari comport. SOLD $300
477 Three English monogram china plaques. Together with a pilgrim plaque. SOLD $20
478 A set of coloured china balloon coat hooks. SOLD $45
479 Three glass decanters and miniature jewellery box. SOLD $30
480 A five piece plated tea and coffee service and other plateware. SOLD $30
481 A variety of items consisting of two brass candlesticks, a copper basket and brass vases. SOLD $220
482 A penguin cigarette lighter and a brass candlestick. SOLD $90
483 A wooden and brass extending bookshelves. SOLD $260
484 Six framed silhouettes. SOLD $80
485 A cased set of forks. Along with a case set of fish knives, forks and coasters. SOLD $60
486 A sewing box full of assorted jewellery. SOLD $20
487 A brass stand and an Oriental vase. SOLD $80
488 A collection of match boxes. SOLD $60
489 Three circular salvers, cutlery and tray from the ''Oronsay''. SOLD $20
490 Two boxes of bone handled knives and silver shoe horn. SOLD $190
491 Two Indian panels. SOLD $80
492 One volume in a wooden case. The Wooden Book. SOLD $35
493 A gilt framed oval panel with Wedgwood medallions. Including an oval blue jasper cameo medallion. SOLD $200
494 An apprentice seal maker's model. SOLD $25
495 A pewter and horn drinking vessel. L 36 cm. SOLD $80
496 Six glass bowls and a Swedish glass ornament. SOLD $30
497 A pair of Royal Crown Derby foliate and gilded candlesticks. Hairline crack to column. H 27 cm. SOLD $160
498 A pair of terra cotta figured wall plaques. SOLD $30
499 A collection of green Carltonware, together with a floral hand painted plate. SOLD $30
500 A brass framed circular Wedgwood cameo of Queen Elizabeth II. Together with a square gilt framed engraved brass tie panel. Also a seal contemporary of Elizabeth I. SOLD $15
501 A large sculptured plated tiger figure. L 47, H 20 cm. SOLD $320
502 A Royal Ballet anniversary bowl. Together with green topped small bowls. SOLD $45
503 A collection of five graduated Japanese Imari bowls. SOLD $120
504 Four German china figures. The five senses. SOLD $60
505 An Oriental china mantel clock in the form of a Pagoda. SOLD $40
506 Three Japanese Satsuma vases. Also an oval tureen and cover. Various sizes. SOLD $310
507 A miniature Wedgwood jasper portland vase in a frame. Together with six Wedgwood black basalt oval medallions of English dignitaries. SOLD $220
508 A green jade lotus leaf bowl. L 24 cm. SOLD $120
509 A set of three graduated blue jasper Wedgwood jugs. SOLD $70
510 A pair of Royal Crown Derby Imari square bowls. Together with a heart shaped bowl. SOLD $120
511 A fine Royal Crown Derby square Imari pattern comport. SOLD $320
512 A set of four framed Wedgwood jasper cameos. SOLD $160
513 Two Wedgwood black jasper bowls, a flared vase and covered bowl. SOLD $320
514 A rectangular Wedgwood plaque decorated with eight classical figures in frame. Frame L 33, W 18 cm. SOLD $230
515 Two Wedgwood blue jasper jugs and Wedgwood comport. SOLD $160
516 A Japanese Imari comport. Together with eleven beakers. SOLD $120
517 A six piece Italian pottery wine set and a specimen case. SOLD $35
518 A terracotta rectangular plaque. Titled ''The Harvest Lady''. H 40, L 52 cm. SOLD $290
519 A pair of green glass bird and foliate vases. H 31 cm. SOLD $300
520 An oval hand painted floral plaque. SOLD $2
521 A pair of amethyst and clear glass lustres. SOLD $110
522 A cabinet of silver plated ornaments. Cabinet height. H 40, W 32 cm. SOLD $160
523 An antique mortar and pestle. SOLD $65
524 A pair of cloisonne floral decorated vases and covers on stands. H 24 cm. SOLD $650
525 A collection of coloured glassware. SOLD $150
526 A wooden cased tantalus set. SOLD $250
527 An AMB Arthur Merric Boyd coloured pottery cups and saucers. SOLD $130
528 An English floral china bowl. Together with a five piece floral fruit service and two fairings. SOLD $10
529 A Stuart crystal bowl. Together with a dressing room set, candelabra, plated birds and a frame. SOLD $130
530 Two copper iron measures and a copper kettle. SOLD $150
531 An Oriental green china dragon decorated plaque. H 44, W 26 cm. PASSED IN $0
532 An African carved wooden Boulle head on stand. SOLD $50
533 A brass replica old style telephone. SOLD $15
534 An Oriental china floral and bird decorated electrified table lamp. H 75 cm. SOLD $100
535 *A cast iron Flying Scotsman sign. SOLD $110
536 A collection of three walking sticks. SOLD $240
537 Two composition groups.  Mother feeding baby, also two children playing on a wooden base. SOLD $30
538 A decorative floral china tall ornamental vase. H 108 cm. SOLD $70
539 A pair of Italian china male and female dancer and musician. H 60 cm. SOLD $110
540 A pair of brass candlesticks and brass lantern. Candlestick H 35 cm. SOLD $80
541 A gilded plaster statue of a young lady. SOLD $45
542 An amphora cherub figured basket with rabbits. H 38 cm. SOLD $225
543 A French black marble mantle clock. SOLD $240
544 An amphora cherub figured basket. SOLD $225
545 A forty four piece silver cutlery canteen. Consisting of six entree forks, four dinner forks, eight soup and dessert spoons, six teaspoons, six large knives and six bread and butter knives. SOLD $200
546 An eighty four piece silver cutlery canteen. Consisting of nine entree forks, ten dinner forks, eight soup and dessert spoons, ten teaspoons, three serving spoons, ten large knives and bread and butter knives, and eight fish forks and knives. SOLD $270
547 A walnut cased mantel clock. SOLD $220
548 A Portuguese soup tureen on a stand with a ladle. SOLD $60
549 A pair of glass table lamps. H 95 cm. SOLD $540
550 Three silver topped candlesticks. SOLD $380
551 A Capi di Monte green ceramic table lamp. H 72 cm. SOLD $30
552 Six floral china vases. H 42 and H 32 cm. SOLD $50
553 A crystal glass table lamp. H 85 cm. SOLD $20
554 Two brass jardinieres and cast-iron boot scraper. SOLD $70
555 A fine sculptured alabaster bust of a young girl with bonnet. On a green circular marble pedestal. SOLD $1200
556 Two plated oval meat dish covers. SOLD $270
557 A pair of floral china vases and a large vase. SOLD $55
558 A three piece plated tea service. On a tray along with a tea urn. SOLD $100
559 A four piece plated coffee set and a cylindrical glass tall vase. H 60, Dia 14 cm. SOLD $15
560 A John Campbell glass pottery planter vase. H 16, L 42, W 18 cm. SOLD $200
561 A fine carved wooden three mask Galleon on stand. H 106, L 106 cm. SOLD $200
562 A oak cased Napoleon hat mantel clock. SOLD $70
563 A French porcelain and brass mounted mantel clock. SOLD $275
564 Two Wedgwood cylindrical vases. Together with three jasper candlesticks. SOLD $210
565 An impressive Royal Crown Derby vase. H 28 cm. SOLD $425
566 A three piece French gilt metal clock garniture. SOLD $775
567 A Sheffield candle sniffer on a tray. SOLD $90
568 A collection of ten glass paper weights of various sizes. SOLD $170
569 A sterling silver presentation trowel. SOLD $250
570 A fine Stuart cut crystal decanter. SOLD $30
571 A sterling silver paper knife. SOLD $240
572 An ornately decorated jade green immortal figure. H 42, W 20 cm. SOLD $240
573 Fine pot pourri vases and lids. Together with a toast rack. SOLD $90
574 Four graduated ivory elephants (small). SOLD $130
575 A green jade reclining goddess. H 22, L 31 cm. SOLD $280
576 An antique gem set bracelet with gem, tourmaline crystal and zircon. Having damage to modified clasp. PASSED IN $210
577 An ivory snake charmer. Together with an ivory mantel figure. SOLD $70
578 Four ivory small covered hand carved pill boxes. SOLD $80
579 A green jade deer group on a wooden stand. L 19, H 15 cm. SOLD $70
580 A Royal Worcester vase ''Peaches and Cherries'' by Freeman. H 10 cm. SOLD $110
581 A sterling silver gravy boat. SOLD $90
582 An impressive carved green jade peacock decorated ornament. H 31, L 22 cm. SOLD $250
583 A Georgian stirling silver cream jug (London 1912) SOLD $140
584 A pair of jade green birds on a carved wooden base. H 16 cm. SOLD $120
585 A sterling silver salver. London 1953. SOLD $650
586 A FG Fraser watercolour, cow grazing. H 23, L 37 cm. Together with an unframed watercolour by Meikle. SOLD $30
587 A large Harold Herbert oil, 'Lorne'. H 88, L 122 cm. SOLD $325
588 A Dick Ovenden oil 'Wattle Time Yarra Glen'. H 29, L 39 cm. SOLD $40
589 A Charles Blackman mixed media. Titled ''Blackma Tapestry'' design. PASSED IN $14000
590 A Lithograph of Wesley College. Along with a print of Napoleon wartime letters. SOLD $120
591 A pair of gilt framed oil river scenes. H 29, L 45 cm. SOLD $225
592 Two framed prints and two dogs, together with an interior music scene and floral print. SOLD $100
593 A gilt framed print, 'Cherubs at play'. H 32, L 97 cm. SOLD $40
594 A Fred Moore street scene print. Together with a framed floral still life of flowers. SOLD $20
595 A set of seven prints of Ballarat. H 12, L 20 cm. SOLD $110
596 A set of four gilt framed pencil sketches. Signed and dated. L 17, W 23 cm. SOLD $60
597 A framed oleograph of a girl kneeling at prayer together with a decorative gilt picture frame. H 49 and L 36 cm. Frame H 66, L 57 cm. SOLD $30
598 An oak framed oil painting of sheep on the road. H 30, L 50 cm. SOLD $45
599 A Jean Sindelar life oil, tropical marine scene. H 74, L 60 cm. PASSED IN $280
600 A framed E E Watson 1911 oil painting still life. H 30, L 36 cm. SOLD $120
601 A framed Lesbia Thorpe Linocut 'Cray Basket'. H 26, L 31 cm. SOLD $280
602 A R Ward Thompson. Autumn Brouchers Creek. NSW. H 39, W 50 cm. SOLD $175
603 A collection of various 19th century picture frames. SOLD $175
604 A decorative drop frame. Picture frame. H 126, W 113 cm. SOLD $160
605 An oil painting of the goldfields by Joel Magpayo. H 37, L 121 cm. PASSED IN $150
606 A Graeme Pizzy photograph of 'Birds in Flight'. Together with a photograph of the Yarra near Healesville. Birds H 22, L 35 cm. Yarra H 22, L 33 cm. SOLD $15
607 A Charles McCubbin watercolour, 'Butterflies'. H 18, L 20 cm. SOLD $145
608 A Robert Simpson landscape. Oil on board. H 36, L 46 cm. SOLD $100
609 Painting by Eric Minchin (Brushman of the Bush). Darling Downs, oil on board. 30x22 SOLD $110
610 Painting by Eric Minchin - Homestead. West NSW. 49x75 SOLD $120
611 A R Downton seascape. Oil on board. H 44, L 59 cm. SOLD $510
612 An oil on board painting signed 'Page'. H 45, L 60 cm. SOLD $120
613 A fine gilt framed oil pastoral scene. Cattle with a young girl. Artist, Hendrick Savry. H 78.5, L 125 cm. SOLD $2900
614 A J R Hunt oil. Coffee Break. Together with an apple print. SOLD $200
615 A gilt framed oleograph of a central European river scene. Small holes in left hand side. H 53, L 80 cm. SOLD $550
616 A fine Dutch oil painting two girls reading in a magnificent giltwood rococo frame. H 57, L 43 cm. SOLD $1600
617 A pair of framed hunting prints. One H 37, L 65 cm. Other H 38, L 64 cm. SOLD $130
618 A Joan Lindsay watercolour mountain landscape. H 56, L 46 cm. SOLD $520
619 A gilt framed oil of a windmill. H 22, L 31 cm. SOLD $40
620 A pair of gilt framed oil paintings on glass cranes on the lagoon. H 61, L 24 cm. SOLD $90
621 A framed map of Australia engraving. H 27, L 33 cm. SOLD $80
622 A framed stipple engraving of Shakespeare's 'As You Like It'. Circa 1801. SOLD $90
623 A contemporary Dutch oil. Depicting two ladies walking towards the windmill. H 29, L 34 cm. SOLD $40
624 An Anne Holmes oil, river scene L 44, W 29 cm. Together with a tapestry floral. L 36, W 37 cm. SOLD $55
625 A framed oil street scene. Signed Barnet. L 60, W 120 cm. SOLD $85
626 A gilt framed English watercolour of a thatched cottage. H 31, L 53 cm. SOLD $50
627 An unframed oil, titled 'Birds of the Lagoon', together with an Aboriginal watercolour. Signed. H 23, L 33 cm. SOLD $100
628 A framed oil painting, 'The Camp'. H 40, L 55 cm. SOLD $60
629 A gilt framed oil landscape, 'Country Road'. H 40, L 50 cm. SOLD $40
630 A Jean Sindelar life oil, tropical marine scene. H 74, L 60 cm. PASSED IN $280
631 A collection of prints of various sizes. SOLD $60
631 A pair of W Taylor oil coastal scenes. H 13, L20 SOLD $400
631 A Lorraine Danes oil. Droving in the hills near Mansfield. 14 x 19 cm. SOLD $40
631 A John Tiplady. The Plaza. H 14, L21 cm. PASSED IN $280
631 An engraving titled 'Punt on the Yarra' 1815. H 10, L 18 SOLD $40
631 A Pro Hart oil on board. Titled 'Scrub Pullers'. H 25, L 35 cm. SOLD $2600
632 A box of Lego and Meccano, including a Play Mobil pirate ship. SOLD $120
633 *Two English gilt oleograph. An English 18th century rural scene, and English Cathedral, and a rural landscape. SOLD $20
634 A gilt framed Scottish oleograph of Scottish Highland cattle. H 42, L 82 cm. SOLD $260
635 Four framed paintings. A Ottar Tonne 1968 oil on board, a L R Sands oil on board, a Jenny Benson acrylic on paper 'feet', as well as a cough medicine add. In assorted sizes. SOLD $100
636 A gilt framed oil floral still life. H 59, L 49 cm. SOLD $40
637 A Bernard Buffet city skyline coloured print. H 44, L 93 cm. SOLD $220
638 A Jean Sindelar life oil, tropical marine scene. H 74, L 60 cm. PASSED IN $280
639 A set of eight Waterford crystal white wine glasses. Lismore pattern. SOLD $360
640 A set of six Waterford crystal red wine glasses. Lismore pattern. SOLD $525
641 A set of eight Waterford crystal flat champagne glasses. Lismore pattern. SOLD $500
642 A set of six Waterford crystal brandy balloons. Lismore pattern. SOLD $300
643 A set of seven Waterford crystal port glasses. Lismore pattern. SOLD $380
644 One volume of Victoria Illustrated. Published by Sands & Kenny, Melbourne & Sydney 1857, in a green cover. L 30, W 22 cm. SOLD $200
645 A collection of glass paper weights. SOLD $330
646 A collection of china dogs. SOLD $420
647 A collection of wooden and cork bottle stoppers. SOLD $130
648 A set of six contemporary black metal electrified dome type lights. PASSED IN $0
649 A collection of Oriental green jade ornaments. Including figures and animals. SOLD $50
650 A green jade vase and cover. H 17 cm. SOLD $100
651 A collection of carnival glassware. SOLD $120

A sterling silver frame and three plated frames

SOLD $75
652 A

A Circular plated decorative bowl

SOLD $15
653 A collection of china trios and other cups. SOLD $45
654 A heater and sprayer. SOLD $35
655 A dinner and coffee set for twelve people. Made by Arzberg. Seventy two pieces in total. SOLD $30
656 An Encyclopedia Britannica 9th edition printed in 1878. Twenty two volumes. SOLD $160
657 *A graduated set of 6 copper saucepans. SOLD $160
658 A Colby 620a art presentation portfolio carry case. Having ten sleeves. PASSED IN $0
659 A brass table lamp and shade. H 64 cm. SOLD $5
660 *A circular plated tray and entree dish. SOLD $20
661 A Napoleon hat walnut cased clock. SOLD $10
662 A collection of old animal bones in basket. SOLD $1
663 A portable sewing machine. SOLD $10
664 A collection of toys in grey box. SOLD $190
665 A collection of china and plateware. SOLD $10
666 A collection of china vases, tea pots etc. SOLD $260
667 Two sets of American orange car safety lights. SOLD $20
668 A brown suitcase of old tins, etc. SOLD $60
669 A collection of assorted ornaments. SOLD $30
670 A collection of 1960's and 1980's bedside clocks. SOLD $130
671 A collection of torches and ropes, etc. SOLD $10
672 A collection of plateware. SOLD $175
673 A pine box with brass fittings. SOLD $20
674 Garden cement ornaments. SOLD $30
675 A set of medical journals. And other items. SOLD $30
676 A collection of glasses. SOLD $5
677 A collection of plateware. SOLD $100
678 A collection of assorted china and cutlery, etc. SOLD $25
679 A collection of china vases, jugs, ashtray, bowls, etc. SOLD $20
680 A collection of glasses and two framed prints. SOLD $70
681 A selection of books, dolls and a tin of Tinkertot toys. SOLD $60
682 A collection of chinaware. SOLD $60
683 A collection of military hats and bags, etc. SOLD $50
684 A collection of chinaware. SOLD $20
685 Two boxes of five Napoleon hat clocks. SOLD $30
686 Three clock under glass domes. SOLD $110
687 A circular contemporary clock. Together with an atlas, jarrah box and a table cloth. SOLD $65
688 Two oval china meat dishes and china jug, together with a basin set. Basin set A/F. SOLD $10
689 A collection of childrens' games. SOLD $20
690 A dressing table set, plated goblets, glassware and plated cutlery. SOLD $70
691 A collection of Cornishware consisting of four jugs and a plate. SOLD $15
692 A variety of items including goblets and a kerosene lamp. SOLD $30
693 A collection of doilies and table cloths. SOLD $40
694 A collection of celluloid dolls etc. SOLD $20
695 A collection of clock mechanisms in a box. SOLD $40
696 A collection of teddies. SOLD $60
697 A collection of plateware. SOLD $30
698 Two Deco style hanging lamps. SOLD $10
699 A Deco blue ceiling light and a new iron in box. PASSED IN $0
700 A French bronze backpack. PASSED IN $60
701 A collection of vintage radio cassettes. SOLD $30
702 A collection of childrens' toys in a box. SOLD $90
703 A collection of cane baskets. SOLD $75
704 A Napoleon hat cased clock. SOLD $30
705 A plated and glass epergne. Together with a ruby and clear glass basket and comport. SOLD $20
706 A collection of chinaware. Including flagons, teapots, plates, jugs etc. SOLD $5
707 Three glass comports, bowl, decanter and ice-cream cups. SOLD $25
708 Three coloured glass lustres. SOLD $160
709 A Cuckoo clock and three contemporary mantel clocks. SOLD $120
710 A china and plated salad bowl. Together with servers and other chinaware. SOLD $40
711 A collection of small pictures and a mirror. Including small oil of a landscape, portrait print, Oriental circular embroidery of a windmill and bevelled mirror. SOLD $80
712 A brass dragon warrior and stag. SOLD $150
713 A variety of plated salvers, condiment set, baskets etc. SOLD $190
714 A collection of German china soup bowls and saucers. SOLD $130
715 A collection of bisque figures. SOLD $15
716 Six National Bank Calendars from the 1980's. SOLD $5
717 A composition group of a Samurai warriors on horse back. SOLD $90
718 Six cut crystal and etched platters. Two smaller platters and glass two division bowl and another bowl. Together with a pair of crystal comports. SOLD $10
719 A collection of plated trays and teaware. SOLD $5
721 A blue glass candlestick, bowls and tray in box. SOLD $30
722 Two small Oriental cabinets. Together with a wooden deed box with a smaller box. SOLD $100
723 A collection of 'Historic Homes' books. SOLD $30
724 Four crystal bowls of various sizes. Together with a crystal comport. SOLD $5
725 A framed 'Melbourne from St Kilda Road', July 1968. H 50, L 66 cm. SOLD $230